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/ positvity / Every great design begins with an even better story.

Every great design begins with an even better story.

We strongly believe that storytelling is a powerful tool to communicate effectively. Home textile brands has this opportunity to tell stories through its fabrics and inspire people and homes around the world. The uniqueness of Texdoo is the wellness of collaborating on such projects in developing a full-scale production of quality home textiles products through design thinking.

We also make sure that important checklist factors are covered in case the customer or retailer lose sight of their design during the project phase, where we are highly involved and characterized by elaboration of one or more decision-making step.

Have any ideas for a co-creation project? Send us an email at info@texdoo.com

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Arun is passionate about driving positive change and in providing solutions to socio-economic problems. He is obsessed about technology and about enabling people to develop a singular passion and turn that passion in to their profession. He is a project manager by profession and he is also the founder of Texdoo.

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