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6 benefits of cotton yoga mats!

This is a very special blog post for us as we are today announcing our first product launch of eco-friendly, artisan and handmade natural cotton yoga mats in Sweden. While most of us are used to yoga and work mats made of synthetic fibres or rubber, we would like to share with you six key benefits of performing your asanas and workouts alternatively on a cotton yoga mat that is made of 100% natural cotton fibres that are organically grown in the southern part of India. Our breathe series of cotton mats are available in six colours and can be ordered online through our web shop, texdoo.com/shop


Cotton is soft, absorbent and breathable. Cotton mats allows your skin to breathe through the mat during your entire practice, so it’s the perfect when you’re working out. Not to mention that moisture-wicking cotton is specially designed to keep you drier and cooler during exercise.

Odour free

When you’re working out your clothes are bound to sweat and your mats get wet too, when used on a regular basis the mats are subject to releasing stinky substances. With cotton mats you don’t have to worry as it releases these odour substances more easily than mats made of synthetic products. And all our mats are hand washable in cold water.

Multi Purpose

Our mats are made to perfectly fit anywhere in your home that you don’t need to roll it up every time you finish a practice. This infact allows you to step on the mat whenever you like for a short meditation or stretching. Ofcourse cotton mats are also perfect for shavasana, the yogi nap or just nap.


Cotton fibres are naturally fluffy when woven to provide enough thickness like our mats (6mm thickness) it gives you excellent cushioning for all asanas and workouts that you need to use your knee, elbows or headstand (Sirasasana).

Strong and Durable

Our mats are hand woven by artisans in a traditional hand loom setting. It takes a weaver almost up to one day to weave a single yoga mat, therefore the tightly woven mats has a longer life without losing its strength.

Excellent grip and no-slip

The cotton mats are similar to a rug that stick naturally to your floor. However we know one of the main pain point of anyone using a mat for their workout is often annoyed by the mat moving all over the place creating discomfort. So to make it stick to the floor until you decide to move it, we have coated our mats with natural rubber organically extracted from the rubber trees in the southern part of India.

We are looking for yoga studios, boutique and large retailers that want to become our resellers. if you are interested write us or call our Stockholm office. If you simply want to enjoy working out on a cotton yoga mat, you can order them directly on our web shop.

Every time you buy a mat from us you directly support the weaver and their family generously and most importantly you help to keep this wonderful hand weaving tradition alive. Thank you for reading and supporting a traditional craftsmanship.

Watch Sadhguru explaining the benefits of cotton yoga mat.

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  • Brianpal

    March 30, 2020

    You have superb knowlwdge here.

  • John Matthew

    February 20, 2021

    Hi, thanks for sharing the benefits of Yoga Mats. definitely, we will keep in mind your thoughts and benefit of yoga mats

  • Cedric

    July 8, 2021

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge about cotton yoga mats.
    Now I have a clear view of what kind of yoga mat I should purchase.
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