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About Us

Our Story

At Texdoo, we believe that every home deserves a serene and cozy environment. This combined with our passion to create beautiful home textile products help us to infuse a more enjoyable and sustainable living at homes.

We founded Texdoo during the late 2018 to bring creative, sustainable and lifestyle textile products that are made of natural cotton to people and homes that appreciate a personal touch and love high quality breathable products that stands out from the rest.

All our products are hand woven in a traditional loom by local artisans of different communities from southern part of India. Empowered by the communities and weavers, our original natural cotton yoga mats that you can shop online in our store was designed to provide the highest comfort during your yoga practice. These mats were produced by an artisan family of four adults that has embraced the hand weaving culture for a combined experience of over 60 years. Our journey started with the launch of the hand woven cotton yoga mats and every mat that we sell generously contributes to the artisans that made these mats.

We will continue to write our story as we progress in our journey to launch our next product.

What we do

Texdoo is a home textile manufacturing and design consultancy firm with expertise in designing, producing and delivering high-quality home textile products for boutique stores and online brands in Europe.

All our products are manufactured in India through our handloom artisan communities and partner manufacturing facilities. Our access to a network of experienced artisans and qualified manufacturers provides us with the advantage of delivering diverse product ranges within the home textiles and lifestyle space at affordable pricing.

We have expertise in undertaking bespoke orders for customers and brands of all sizes ranging from large retailers to independent online store owners.

We also sell our own ideas, inspirations and stories as products at the Texdoo online shop.

Our Values

At Texdoo we prioritize creativity, collaboration, and quality at every step of our process. We are open to experiment with new ideas based on new consumer insights, trends and continually improve on everything we do.

The Team

We are a mixed bunch of individuals with a passion for home textiles. We have expertise and skills in the team from handling production on the ground to creative designers that works with a singular vision to help grow our customers home textiles businesses. Our creative design, customer engagement, sales and marketing teams are located in Sweden while our production team handle the manufacturing operations from our office in India.