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Put your heart, mind and soul to smallest acts

If we cannot do small things right, we will never be able to do big things right

We all think that success is the ultimate destination that one must reach, but if you put things in different perspective success is not a destination but it is a ‘Journey’ yes you read it right, where one encounter many different experiences during this journey. In other words, people who make conscious choices to enjoy themselves no matter how dynamic the environment is likely to be, they will be creative, productive and resilient to challenging situations. How smart and motivated are you? Well you could judge that yourself based on how you perform even the smallest everyday tasks. And the answer could be simple, if you are trying to achieve whatever you try to do, the odds will be in your favour to stay motivated and reach the outcome of your desire.

Purpose vs Passion

When most of the things get settled in our life, we get to question our-self whether are we chasing purpose or passion? Purpose is more defined as a reason for which something needs to be done in order to get things into motion at right time, whereas passion is something different and it can be seen in those who can explain them in a massive amount of detail on what they want to become and what it will be if they could become successful in every way they had imagined. As soon as you have decided to follow your passion, trust me everything will fall in its place when you are no longer looking for it, in other words what you are seeking always sneaks in. I would say that is the moment where you manifest your dream into reality where there will be no such thing as hopeless situation and every single circumstances of your life will change into positive environment drastically.

Finding the way through your Passion

So how do you let the passion sneak in to you? Our passion for home textiles and storytelling through our fabrics help us to build Texdoo in which each design has a story for you whether you are lying in bedroom, living area, or even at your own creative workspace. If you are chasing a dream and believe you are passionate about something or feel your closer to finding your passion whatever it is, get in touch with us and let’s manifest your vision and find your passion, and if you like we can sketch your story in to a piece of art that can go on to our fabrics. We want to help you find that passion through our process of gathering designs, and you can get your designs on the fabrics and passionately sell it.

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Parthepan is a one gaint energy field, dancing on its own to engage others into positive lifestyle and attitude.He always has passion towards Logistics and Supply Chain field, which naturally helped him to land in a good spot. Currently he is responsible for Texdoo's Customer Engagement, Sales and Marketing in the city of Linköping (South of Sweden). While he is not working, you can find him in a Jazz bar.

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