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Cotton Yoga Mat, 6mm – Intellect


This subtle yellow coloured mat brings a sense of confidence to your body during your practice. Typically related to sunshine this yellow shaded mat enables you to feel cheerful, energetic and encouraged.


Each yoga mat that we produce is uniquely crafted as it takes a weaver up to one full day to weave a single mat. All the mats are handwoven on a traditional handloom by local artisans in the southern part of India. Your purchase directly supports the weavers and their families. Thank you for shopping and supporting a traditional craftsmanship.

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Features, Benefits & Care Instructions

  • All our mats are designed to perfectly fit your favorite spaces at home, and you don’t even need to roll it up when not used
  • Comes with a free bag with zipped pouches for storing keys, cash, cards, towels etc. The bag is also made of 100% natural cotton.
  • This mat has anti-slip properties that provides perfect grip for all types of yoga practices
  • The mat has sufficient space for performing all asanas with a dimension of 193 x 66 cm
  • With 6mm thickness, the mat provides excellent cushioning to your knees and elbows
  • Made of 100% natural cotton and coated with natural recyclable rubber, all ours mats are completely free from PVC and any synthetic materials
  • Absorbs sweat at ease, gives you the comfort & feel of performing yoga in a nature friendly surface
  • The mat and the bag are both hand washable in cold water

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 193 × 66 × 0.6 cm


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